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At NGDC, we provide a variety of opportunities for recreational classes starting at 2 years old, and going all the way to adult! We even offer a parent and tot class for those little dancers who just can't quite dance on their own yet. 

At NGDC, it is our mission to find the best classes for your young dancer. We are happy to offer free trial classes as well as help dancers choose between different genres to ensure that they are happy in the classes they have chosen.

Check out the options for recreational classes below!


Tiny Toes

Watch your little one beam with joy while twirling around the room to their favourite music with new friends. Tiny Toes classes are geared to children ages 2-4 who love to move, sing, and have fun. At NGDC, we take a play-based approach to learning, while still providing the best training for these young dancers. With the use of props and costuming, your little one will learn the fundamentals of dance, all while having fun, letting their imagination grow, and building confidence. Tiny Toes 1 classes are for children ages 2-3 years old. Tiny Toes 2 classes are for children ages 3-4 years old. Please see "Dress Code" for information on what your little one needs for class.


Small Steps

Small Steps classes are the newest addition to NGDC's recreational class schedule. These classes are the perfect bridge from Tiny Toes into Mini Movers. Im Small Steps, dancers will experience Ballet, Jazz, and Acro in one 45-minute class per week. This allows for the dancers to experience new genres, learn new skills, and get a better sense of the styles they enjoy the most. Small Steps classes are perfect for those young dancers that need a bit more of a challenge, but are still looking for fast-paced and exciting classes. Small Steps classes are for children ages 4-5 years old for dancers who have taken our Tiny Toes Program, or for new dancers ages 4-5.


Mini Movers

Designed for the beginner dancer, the Mini-Movers program allows for dancers to have an opportunity to begin a more structured and focussed training, with specific classes for Ballet, Jazz, Acro, and Hip Hop. While continuing with their previously learned skills in Tiny Toes, Mini Movers dancers will now be expected to work on their responsibility while learning and remembering new movements and sequences, as well as having the opportunity to take multiple classes. Your child will meet new people, make new friends, and learn new skills in a safe and structured environment. Dancers in this class focus on the elements of balance, flexibility, agility, control, and discipline, to assist them in their future dance careers. Dancers will also begin to focus more on musicality and rhythm within these classes. (Recommended for ages 5-6)


Dancing Divas

Next Generation's Dancing Diva's are the beginner/intermediate dancers who have established a love for dance and movement, and would like to continue to grow and develop their skills from previous levels. These dancers can enjoy Ballet (RAD), Jazz, Acro, Hip Hop, and Tap classes. An additional dance genre in this level helps to keep the dancers motivated and excited, while still building upon the strong technique that they have created in Mini Movers Ballet. Ballet exams are also offered at this level for an additional price, but are not mandatory. Dancing Divas classes are perfect for any dancer who is looking to possibly continue into the competitive stream in the future, or just enjoys the challenge of dance and would like to continue. (Recommended for ages 6-7)


Level I and II

Your child still wants to dance, but you don't want to commit to the competitive schedule? No problem at all! These classes are for you! Level I and II are for Beginner/Intermediate dancers ages 8 and up who would like to continue their love of dance in a recreational setting. These classes include Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acro, Musical Theatre, and Hip Hop, and focus on improving your dancer's skills, as well as providing an enthusiastic and exciting approach to the techniques of dance. Dancers in these classes will be able to continue to improve upon their technical foundation they have created in previous classes, while branching out and trying new styles, learning from new teachers, and enjoying the company of their friends. Level I classes are recommended for beginner/intermediate dancers ages 8-10. Level II classes are recommended for Intermediate level dancers ages 10-12. Teen classes will also be available for ages 13+ where applicable. 

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