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About Next Generation 

Next Generation Dance Company is a new dance studio located in Peterborough, Ontario, owned and operated by McKinlee Phillips. NGDC is committed to providing the best dance training for children of all levels, ages, and abilities. At NGDC, we believe that dance provides a positive outlet for all children. Through the process of learning dance techniques, students are sure to learn discipline, respect, teamwork, self-regulation, accountability, responsibility, and so many other wonderful skills that will stick with them for life, and allow them to become strong, confident, and empowering individuals.​At Next Generation Dance Company, we believe in providing a safe and welcoming space for every single dancer, teacher, and spectator that walks through the doors. By doing so, we provide the dancers with the freedom to make mistakes, take risks, try new things, and most importantly, feel comfortable being themselves. EVERYONE is welcome here. We have zero-tolerance for negativity, bullying (inside or outside the studio.) Please refer to our Code of Conduct for more information.​At Next Generation Dance Company, we firmly believe that every child should get the chance to dance, regardless of their families financial situation. Dance builds confidence, self-esteem, provides friendships, and allows for a safe space for your child. If you or someone you know has a child interested in dance, but do not have the finances to enrol the child in dance, please email to see if you qualify for NGDC's Chance to Dance Program.​

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