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Code of Conduct
At Next Generation Dance Company, we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable dance experience for every single dancer. It is expected that everyone that enters the studio abides by our code of conduct, to ensure that everyone feels respected and valued. 

1. Arrive on time with everything you need for class.
2. Be polite and respectful to your fellow dancers and teachers.
3. Always ask before leaving the room.
4. Ensure you speak to a teacher if you are injured or not feeling well.
5. No cellphones or gum in class.
6. Work hard and always try your best.
7. Always be supportive and encouraging to fellow Next Generation dancers, as well as any other dancers we meet. 
8. You are not to speak negatively about any other dance studio. 

1. Ensure your child is on time for class. If you are running late, please let the studio know.
2. Be polite and respectful to other families and teachers.
3. Please do not come into the dance studio unless asked by a teacher.
4. Allow your child to develop the skills to communicate with their teachers themselves instead of relying on you to do so. 
5. You are not to speak negatively about any dancer participating in classes at the studio, nor will you be disrespectful towards any other dance studio.
6. Always do your best to be supportive and helpful to other Next Generation dancers and families. 
7. Encourage your child and be their biggest cheerleader. It is a teachers job to give corrections to the student. Please do not do our jobs for us. As a parent, your role is to be your dancers number one supporter. 
8.Speak directly with the studio owner if you have any issues about your dancers class(s), teachers, other dance families, and/or any issues you may have involving the studio. Parents are not to contact their child's teachers directly. All contact must be done through the studio owner. 

Next Generation Dance Company has zero tolerance for bullying and disrespect of any kind; whether physically in the studio, or outside of the studio. As a Next Generation dancer, you are representing the studio at all times. Next Generation values professionalism and respect and will not allow for anyone who does not value these things to represent us in any way. Any type of disrespect to teachers, students, families, other studios, competition staff, etc. may result in permanent expulsion from the studio. Issues between parents or between a parent and a staff member may also result in the expulsion of the student. Not only is the dancer representing Next Generation Dance Company, but so are the parents. Any dancers or parents who choose not to abide by the code of conduct will be expelled from Next Generation Dance Company immediately with no refund. 

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