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Next Gen's specially crafted Preschool Program unlike any other!

Why Should My Child be in Preschool Dance Classes?

There are multiple reasons why putting your child in a preschool dance program is benefiicial. Dance classes help a young child in developing gross-motor and fine-motor skills, as well as assisting them in socialization, listening and comprehension, independence, confidence, creativity, flexibility, posture, coordination, spacial and bodily awareness, and overall helps to develop a sense of self-esteem. At this young and impressionable age, it is crucial that your child is surrounded by a teacher who understands the children and their needs, as well as their developmental stages. A child at age 2 is at a much different place developmentally than a child at age 4, and understanding how to best work with children of these ages is essential in the skillset of a preschool teacher. 

Aren't All Dance Classes the Same? What Makes NGDC Different?

At Next Generation Dance Company, we pride ourselves in ensuring that we have the best instructors to teach every single class. Regardless of if your dancer is in recreational classes or competitive classes, it is of the utmost importance to us that your child will receive the best possible instruction from high quality, experienced and educated teachers. At NGDC, we have a strong curriculum for each class and each age group; ensuring that regardless of the class, every child will be learning our strategically set curriculum and achieving the same skills as others in the same class. 

When choosing a studio for your child, it is important to research the studio and the teachers. Looking into the teacher's credentials, training ,and experience will help you in choosing the appropriate studio for your child. Similar to a school teacher, you want a teacher that knows what they are doing and is confident in teaching. There is no legal certificate or diploma you have to get in order to teach dance in Canada, therefore, understanding what you should be looking for is very important when choosing a studio for a child of any age and any commitment level. At Next Generation, our staff are highly qualified with multiple different certifications to best teach your dancer for their entire dance career. Please see our Faculty section to read more about our amazing staff!

What Do We Offer?

Tiny Toes 1

Tiny Toes 1 classes are geared towards children ages 2-3. Dancers in these classes will learn basic dance fundamentals through play-based dance programs; using familiar music, props, and games. These classes are 30-minutes in length and do not involve parent participation. 

Tiny Toes 2

Tiny Toes 2 classes are a continuation of Tiny Toes 1 classes and are geared towards children ages 3-4. Dancers in these classes will continue play based learning while play-based learning, while beginning to have a deeper understanding in basic dance movement and techniques. These classes are 30-minutes in length and do not involve parent participation. 

Small Steps

Small Steps classes take everything learned in the Tiny Toes classes, and develop these skills into stronger dance technique and fundamentals with a stronger emphasis on discipline needed for the future. Small Steps classes involve 15-minutes of Ballet, Jazz, and Acro, making this the perfect class for 4-5 year olds finding their passion for dance and all different genres.

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